We develop and produce audio-visual interactive concepts to communicate in an innovative way with your customer. Our tools are moving images, interactive sensors, mechanics, 3d printing, story telling and a good sense of humor.

Transension is a knowledge partner for designers, brands and marketeers who try to look beyond the traditional means of communication.


BIO  Aäron Blokker

Aaron has been a true creative thinker from childhood, always looking for solutions. After finishing his electronics education he worked as a freelance lighting designer for theater and events. Being a people person he set up Lightning BV, dispatching freelance audiovisual engineers in the field of events, theater, installation and congresses.

Apart from AV and electronics Aaron likes to construct, invent and learn. He has acquired his welding certificates to combine metal and electronics in several constructions for different theater productions.

After he sold Lightning BV after more than 20 years he followed his dream and started Transension BV where he can combine his technical-, people- and creative skills.

BIO  Jacqueline Vahland

Jacqueline has always loved foreign languages and understands the power of words. After finishing highschool, she went as an au apair to France to learn the language. Afterwards she did a master Interpreter/Translater in French and English. The past decade she has focussed on social media in the health and wellness industry.

Writing, editing gives her great joy. She knows how to help orgnisations in transforming their concepts and policies into blogs, articles, socia media posts, creating synergy throughout the entire process.

You are a MARKETEER for a brand or retail looking for new means of engagement.

You are a DESIGNER for exhibitions, envisioning immersive interactive environments.

You are a SCENOGRAPHER searching for artistic freedom based on technical solutions.

You are an EVENT ORGANIZER that thinks of new ways of bringing the message.

But, whoever YOU are, feel welcome to discuss any technical creative challenge, we serve great coffee.


  • Creative concepts
  • Video content editing
  • 3D Animation
  • Video projection mapping
  • Holographic projection
  • Media server programming
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Wood and metal construction
  • Motion- and Info-graphics
  • 3D Plastic printing
  • Interactive Sensor integration
  • Electronics and mechanics



Stand out with your product in the shop of the future and offer added value over the webshop:

  • Focus on product features with creative video and lighting
  • Send photographs of your newly bought outfit to facebook out of the dressingroom
  • Let the customer control your shopwindow


Present your brand in the style of today:

  • Develop a giant memory game that is controlled by a smartphone and let your client memorize your products
  • Go viral worldwide with a video of your brand that will let people smile


Create a genuine experience that stands out:

  • Bring dinosaurs to life or show parts of your collection that are in storage using a hologram
  • Take your visitor on a carefully designed automated journey full of surprises
  • Show things that are usually invisible


Explore the new possibilties of arts and entertainment:

  • Create scenic moving video pieces that can
    change in the blink of an eye
  • Use the voting input of visitors of your event
    to visualise the result on stage
  • Let actors or dancers interact automatically
    with light and video



(also available for dryhire)

Coolux Server
/Player hardware

Coolux Airscan

Coolux Net Link IO

All Coolux licences for Widget Designer, Player, Media Manager

Microsoft Kinect 2

Coolux ID tags and
tracking camera’s

Leica 3d Disto

Oculus Rift Devkit 1/2

Faro Laserscanner

Leap Motion




Adobe Creative Cloud

Maxon Cinema 4D


Have a look at inspiring online cases we have found on the world wide web and understand the scope of what we can make with you


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